Experience My Bellamora

Here's some Bullet points on the company!

1) Over 8 million dollars gone into research and development in the last couple of years.
2) The pre-launch has just begun and they are prepared to give 200,000 free samples in the next 77 days.
3) Rejuvenates and improves your Age Spots, Wrinkles, Crow's Feet, Skin Blemishes, Fine Lines, Skin Tone, etc..
4) The product has had its "Research and Development" done by "JOHNSON & JOHNSON" and has a US Patent.
5) They are donating this miracle product and proceed funds to "Hospital Burn Centers" across the country.
6) The funding group behind this is the group that owns The Outback, Bonefish and Macaroni Grill Restaurants.
7) Sandra Bullock will be the official spokesperson for the product.
8) A television and radio campaign is about to begin and they are looking for people to handle the leads.
9) Bellamora Compensation plan has the Highest Cashflow Potential in the Industry.
10) Bellamora compensation plan is the first Patented ever in the history of MLM.
11) They are predicting over 100,000 distributers signing up on January 15th 2011 and this will shatter records.

Free samples, instant (and lasting results, free business, free website, free training, free leads, etc., etc. what’s not to love? This is the next industry giant! My career in this industry rests solely on how well I help other people see their dreams become reality...
No sales experience necessary! Just about everyone would love to look younger in MINUTES!
This is for men and women alike! No need to convince anyone of anything here!
Think about how much is spent on botox and face lifts, etc.
I'm waiting for my free sample to arrive and I'm very eager to see the results.
The company is sending out FREE SAMPLES to EVERYONE that
SIGNS UP for FREE right now. You don't pay even 1 dime!
Yes, there is a catch! . In order to get the FREE SAMPLE you need to sign up as a distributor - for FREE.
Also when requesting your free sample go to join now, fill out your demographics, and your free sample will be sent to you!, no need to add credit card info, but you must create a website name and password for yourself.
Just some TIDBITS:
· The product was previously used as a very successful burn cream and now it's used as a cosmeceutical for acne, wrinkles, blemishes, etc.
· Reportedly Sandra Bullock WILL BE the spokes people for this company.  COOL!
· The company will launch in January 2011.
If you like the product, you will get it at the distributor wholesale price, and if you refer 3 other distributors, you will get yours for FREE! The company expects 50% or more will stay on the product. Not BAD, huh!
You see results immediately. People who want to get rid of winkles notice results IMMEDIATELY!
See the Bellamora Story, amazing story of how it was developed! Watch it all: http://experience.mybellamora.com/
Bellamora mission to create 100 millionaires by the end 2011. Come and make history & take part in this $300 Billion Market. Our game plan is to help you build a new life for yourself, step by step, and to share your success with others. When you join my team — you will have all the training and support you need to make... $300 Billion Market & Grow Daily.
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Also go to YouTube, there’s lots of testimonials out there! WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?